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  • VIBOO-300 Type Spray Powder
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  • VIBOO-300 Type Spray Powder

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Hydrophilic: high lipophilic; Packaging: Plastic packaging and Carton Packaging mixed.

Characteristics: the infiltration type (air spray, electronic spray universal)

SP-300 type, the infiltration type spray powder (air spray, electronic spray generic) special-purpose multi-color printing powder, High hydrophobicity, super anti, anti-India through the performance, with an appropriate degree of liquidity so that it can evenly spray, The effect of eliminating the massive, slightly coarse particles have a better support, Air easy access to the gap between the cardboard and cardboard, to accelerate the ink drying for the next production has played a beneficial role in protection. 
Size :30-50μm, spreading mesh :200-250 (mesh)
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